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Zoho CRM


Zoho isn't just a CRM, but a complete operating system for business. For an overview of several Zoho Products click TRY ZOHO NOW for a breakdown of each element and the costs.

It's all online, simple to use and very effective.

Zoho CRM has a number of versions, including FREE, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, CRM Plus and One, all available only on the cloud.

Even the free version has many incredible features, like synchronisation with phones like iPhones, Galaxy and other Android devices. But there are limitations with the free version. For example, the phone integration is read-only.  It's still great for quick lookups of contact phone numbers and addresses, but if you want to be able to add and edit while you're on the road, you will need the Professional edition. Still incredible value for money at only AU$25/month/user.

A really nifty feature of the Zoho App is "Find Contacts Near Me", which draws a map of all of your contacts near your current location. So, as always, it is worthwhile to compare the features of each version (see the Comparison Chart).

To determine the benefits, and what is best for you, click the below links for more information. Alternatively if you aren't sure, you can speak to a real person at I Want That CRM.


Try Zoho. Simply click below to get started today and register for the free Zoho Product or trial listed.



If you are already a Zoho CRM customer, or you are considering Zoho, this link provides details for fixed-costs.



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Linking   With   Other   Modules  

There are various other modules that you can try out. Examples are:

- Zoho Campaigns (integrates with CRM, and like other products like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Vision 6, it tracks Opened Emails, click throughs and automatically updates Opt Outs)

- Zoho Calendar, which allows you to check time available for yourself and your colleagues

- Integration with gmail and other Google apps

- Integration with MS Outlook (not fully functional with Macs) and MS Word

- Integration with Accounting systems ... this requires a sign up with Kloud Connectors

- Integration with external marketing apps ... this requires sign up with Kloud Connectors.